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     Former Drum Major 1st Bn A&SH & Champion Drum Major
Drum Major  William Jordan has instructed students from all over the world, they attend his workshops in Scotland, Europe and the USA. The workshops have been a huge success with more & more Drum Majors attending each year. The workshops focus on the drum major needs for their band or competition. The workshops are run to a very high and professional standard and are taught to the Drum Majors Manual of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association.
All Instructors from are experienced Drum Majors with some who are ex military and Champion Drum Majors.   This allows us to offer military drill for the regimental Drum Major & their band.                                                   
                                     D/M Liam Renton  
                          Champion Drum Major            

Drum Major K. Forbes, Scotland
Drum Major C.L, Gara, USA
Drum Major P. Nisco, USA
Drum Major Liam Renton Scotland

Drum Major Jordan's Students have won all Major Pipe Band Championships. Scottish Championships,British Championships,European Championships, World Championships,Cowal Championships and Champion of Champion of the World.
Drum Major Jordan takes great pleasure in watching his students from home & overseas competing and doing well, knowing he has encouraged and instructed them to a high enough standard to compete at the highest level, especially  in the World Chamopnships which are held in Glasgow Green in August. This is a credit to each Drum Major who puts in all the hours of practice to ensure they represent their band in a professional manor at all contests both home and overseas.
                       WORKSHOPS & DISPLAYS


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